Antikythera Mechanism It begins

Myself along with the rest of my team plan to undertake the interesting task of creating a working replica of the Antikythera Mechanism as we know it today. Unfortunately the mechanism isn’t complete some of it’s know functionality has been lost in time but even so it’s still complete enough to be a somewhat useful […]

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Led temperature and humidity sensor project

  Led temperature sensor project This project is about using an rgb led to represent whether it’s hot, cold or just a prime temperature for productivity. In addition to that the led blinks faster or slower according the the humidity in the vicinity. 486 total views, no views today

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New Roof For the space

The previous roof had rust spots and had holes causing it to leak when it rained. Some reconditioned roofing was bought as well as some new insulation to keep the space cool on the hot summer days. In addition to that extra beams were put in place to strengthen the structure and so a gyp […]

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first piece


Before/Afters My Make Space Workshop

  A few improvements to my make space.                                                                                   201 total views, 1 views today

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Power to My Make Space 2

  It came to my concern that more power was needed and lots of it. Originally an extension lead was run from an outside power point at the house across the lawn to the space. The solution? Run a 30 Amp cable in a orange conjugate 600mm down, from my new make space connected to […]

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landscape trench


Paving the space

Down stairs was dirt and became muddy when wet. The cheapest, quickest solution was to spread around some cracker dust then level it. After that, lay down some reconditioned pavers.  All went well and was a compete success!!! After laying these pavers it was clear, that insuring the ground was level was key. Finally no […]

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The creation of My Make Space has begun!!!

Welcome to the creation of My Make Space!!! This structure was originally an old two story high cubby house. The plan is to transform it into my very own make space. The ground floor will be a workshop full of power tools aswell as hand tools. The top floor will be aimed at the creative, […]

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