Arcade Controller


Here’s one of my past spare of the moment weekend projects. I started off with a scrap piece of 1200mm long ply and a japanese style joystick layout.
I began by deferring the template onto ply top. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a one to one scale when I printed the template so instead I used a pencil.
Then I proceeded to bore all the marked points with a hole saw.


Templates are avaliable at There’s an abundance to choose from!


The sides were made 2 x 4 framing timber and attached together with pva glue and screws. I just finished painting the frame in the photo above


The top was given a light sand then I opted to coat the ply with a water based stain. The results speak for themselves.


Test fit! I found all the buttons fit perfectly in their holes. The joysticks are secured to the top with a couple of screws and the buttons and the buttons are threaded and have nuts to attach them to the top. (nuts are not present in photo below)


The finished product. The controller outputs to usb so it can be used with windows, mac and linux operating systems. In my case I opted to connect it to a raspberry pi 3 running the Retropi distro allowing me to emulate all my favorite retro consoles and play my favourite retro games.

Retropi can be downloaded here:

If you have any questions feel free to email me

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